Colonel Yang

Colonel Yang had served under General Lam for many years along the Western Frontier. His duty was to aid the General in fighting back the neighboring nomadic group better known as the Golden Horde of the Northern Horselords. When Emperor Kuang died and Ju-Xian was captured by General Bao, General Lam ordered his men to keep doing what they had always done. Protect the kingdom from their neighboring enemy. 

This duty would bring General Lam into conflict with his neighbors. Xie would not give him the funds to continue fighting the horselords and the territory he held was really only capable of providing enough food to feed his army. Xie and Lam fought for a number of years to a stalemate. At that point even the farms Lam had in abundance before had been destroyed in the fighting. Lam acted in great desperation and attacked his neighbor Chao Ling and the fighting brought his army into poverty. Lam saw mass desertions and was finally killed by his hated enemy.

Yang was forced to round up his superiors forces and continue the fight. It was at Red Cliff that with his back pressed to a river and with nowhere to go, Yang's forces fought  with a desperate ferocity that pushed his enemy back. The two agreed to halt the fighting as no clear victor was going to emerge and a cease fire was agreed upon. With just a few short years, Yang was able to bring his land back to fertility and has many farms once again. That was when the Sakada clan invaded.

Yang is once again desperate, his forces are tired after years of fighting the superior forces of Vaneha and worse his forces have shoddy equipment. To make the situation worse, a slave girl taken by the Sakada has risen up after making some sort of pact with demons and has started taking his territory. The Sakada have been pushed back a number of times but the Demon is only just starting her ascent.

Colonel Yang

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