The Celestial Guardians

The Celestial Guardians are a group of gods that came to prominence in the Kingdom of the Crystal Chrysanthemum. After the fall of the Shogunate, the Contagion, and the Balorian Crusade, the region was chaotic and the people ravaged and desolate. Legend speaks of four major gods across the land that came together and unified for the greater good of a starving and desperate people. Those who came under their care have become known as the Junhua and it was said in ages past their Kings and Emperors were descended from these gods.

The goddess known as the Yellow Dragon or the Yellow Mother is often seen as the head of the small pantheon. She is a fertility goddess and it is believed that she brings rain and children. The Monk's of Fengbao Yunsi were said to venerate her before their temple was destroyed by General Chao Ling's forces. To the east of Fengbao Yunsi lies the temple of Chu Li, dedicated to a spirit of the Twin Leaf forest only known to most as the Great Bear. Little is known about him, but most see him as a protector of the Kingdom from the darker forces that hide in his forest. He is also known to help the crops grow and bears are considered his benevolent children and a sign of good luck.

In the South in the slopes of the Heaven's Bridge Mountains resides the Mountain Guardian. A massive Mountain Lion that stalks this range, it is he that is responsible for hunting the spirits that come from the massive sprawling ruins of a place only known to locals as King's Throne. It is said he has dominion over spirits of fire and it is said he granted the Junhua the knowledge of making fire after the cataclysm of a great disease that ravaged the land. He is also believed to take the dead into his mountain stronghold and steward them into the afterlife and to track down and destroy vengeful spirits. He is venerated at the Temple of Heaven's Gate and everything from mighty lions to small house cats are treated with respect. Most peasants who cant keep cats often carry small statues to ward off evil spirits that fear his image.  

Finally a powerful goddess lives far to the South West on an Island known as Red Island in the Red Clay river. She is thought of as a sister to the Yellow Mother and the Junhua Ren believe she herds rain clouds from her sisters mountain and other far off passing rain clouds. She is said to have power over the winds and the Junhua Ren pray to her especially in the summer when it gets miserably hot. Cardinals and Sparrows are seen as her children and many farmers wait for them to return each spring. Many farming communities await the return of her children by leaving their windows open and it is said that when her children build a nest in the eaves of  your house that the goddess has given you her blessing. However, if they decide to build a nest in your house it usually means that sickness or plague will strike your house or that the master of the house has a mistress outside of his marriage and that the goddess is trying to warn his wife. The return of sparrows and cardinals is generally as a sign from the goddess to begin planting. These four gods are said to have remained stewards over the land for the past thousand years.

The yellow mothers festival is soon after calibration and is a large communal celebration that sees communities pray for rain. The Great Bear is celebrated in the summer as many crops grow to full height and game is plentiful throughout the Kingdom. Offerings are left out in late Autumn for the mountain guardian to ward off evil spirits thought to roam the land in that time of year. Finally Red Bird is celebrated in late winter just before calibration. Villages come together in a communal long house to feast dressed in red and to sing songs to make her feel welcome to return with her children. 

The Celestial Guardians

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