Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

Solo Yin!

I kicked ass, guys

Yin fell down the mountain in the explosion that destroyed much of Fengbao Yunsi. They awoke the next morning and checked themself for injuries with medicine skill. Other than a few scratches they seemed to have survived unscathed surprisingly. Walking for the full day, Yin makes it to a small farming village at the base of Song Mountain where they find out that the Warlords Feng and Chao Ling fought with Feng dying and his forces being routed. Yin discovers they have actually crossed into territory claimed by the neighboring warlord Li. 

After leaving the village and traveling through the woods, Yin starts to suspect they are being followed. After walking into the river to throw off the scent of any trackers with dogs, Yin gets the sense that they are no longer being followed. This notion is dispelled a few minutes later when they are surrounded by two rangers and their loyal hunting dogs. The dogs charge as arrows rain down around Yin. Yin lashes out and knocks the shit out of a dog. Yin is also able to deflect an arrow while stuck to the tree. The other dogs rush forward and in that time, Yin is able to pull themselves free and dive headlong into the river. Arrows and dogs splash around Yin as they fall over the rapids to a pool below.

Yin sits at the bottom of the pool holding their breath with impressive fortitude – a skill learned while trying to breath behind the forge. After a few minutes, Yin looks up as the body of an archer and dog splash into the top of the pool and drift along with the current. Yin can see that they were both covered in large cuts. After surfacing, Yin finds a two men trying to start a fire nearby with the other dogs and huntsmen no where to be found. Another man is also nearby wearing an impressive set of clothes. Yin introduces themselves and meets Saito Takahashi (a noble of the neighboring country of Vaneha) and his servants Endo and Sausuke.

Yin takes some time to repair their weapons and armor as thanks for saving their life. Saito remarks at how well Yin was able to do in the repair and invites Yin to travel with him and his companions home to Vaneha. After a week of traveling they arrive in Ju Xian where Yin acquires a small book on alchemy. After a long journey (almost two months on the rivers) they finally arrive in the Capital of Vaneha better known as Jibei. Saito brings Yin to the Takahashi estate and confers the status as his own personal retainer on Yin.

Yin spends the next 6 months living in Jibei, learning the sword crafting techniques of the Vanehans, learning alchemy, and teaching the smiths of the Takahashi clan the techniques Yin learned in the Kingdom of the Crystal Chrysanthemum. At the end of the 6 months, Saito reveals that he must journey back to the Kingdom of the Crystal Chrysanthemum on urgent business and tells Yin he would be willing to take them along on the way back.

Once on the river, Saito clarifies that he is actually traveling to a first age ruin on the great mountain south east of the kingdom known as King's Throne. He also informs Yin that both the realm and the confederacy of rivers are interested in finding an artifact supposedly in the ruins. He suspects they're going after a mystical device that allows an individual to communicate easily with over long distances with large groups of specific people. He requests Yin's aid in acquiring the item to which Yin agrees.

They spend five weeks on the rivers traveling back to the city of Pillars Base. Here it is revealed that Chao Ling has taken a lot of territory and that the Ying River valley is suffering through a drought. Talking to locals in Pillars base Yin is informed that the warlords Li, Xie, Chao Ling took over what used to be Feng's territory. Yin also learned that a peasant resistance against Xie sprung up and that the warlords Li and Xie fought while they were gone. More revelations include the fact that Chao Ling's army  expanded west to the Red Clay river fighting the Sakada clan of Vaneha along the way and that a slave revolt began in the west led by a slave named Khezia. Supposedly she took territory from the Warlords Yang and Chao Ling as well as the Sakada clan of Vaneha. Rumors are abound that she glows with the light of the sun.

Travel from Pillar Base to Heaven's Gate (temple to the mountain guardian). Here Yin and Saito make a sacrifice to the god known as the mountain guardian. They stay the night and the next morning it is discovered that Saito's other servant Endo was killed during the night. They have him buried and after no clues can be found, resolve to continue on their quest to King's Throne. They spend the whole day traveling and the next night they break and set up camp. The next morning Sasuke's body is found in his tent. Again no clues are found and the group continues on.

They continue on their way and after breaking the next night, Yin and Saito sleep in separate tents. Yin is woken after hearing some of the cookware clanking against itself. They sneak to the opening of their tent to see a figure stalking towards the opening of Saito's tent. Yin quickly attacks the mysterious figure and hits them successfully. Yin's second attack fails but Saito is awoken. Saito and Yin fight the murderer of their friends and are able to subdue the assassin. After Yin and Saito threaten torture, the assassin reveals that house Cynus of the Realm is trying to obtain the device from King's Throne and has killed their companions. It is also revealed that House Cynus stole a keystone to open the chamber where the device is from Endo. They then dispose of the assassin.

As they travel towards King's Throne Yin was able to make the following potions:

 - Hardening (natural soak 2 bash +1 lethal)
 - Energy (glow for 5 seconds (maybe))
 - Strength (
2D for feat of strength roll) – used
 - Immaterial (no freaking clue) (it's a mystery) – used
 - Hardening (does a thing – no idea how it works)
 - Energy (equivalent of 1 extra willpower for 1 scene) – used
 - Strength (delicious delicious mercury)
 - Immaterial (does something more than nothing) – used
 - Hardening (does a thing – uncertain)

When they arrive at an outcropping tower of the first age ruin they find corpses in the tower antechamber. It seems a great number of traps were set off. They then travel through another antechamber to find more corpses along the way. At the end of the corridor there is a staircase up and a staircase down. Saito and Yin decide to travel together down. At the bottom they find three agents of House Cynus trying to break through a wall with large hammers. A fight ensues and Saito and Yin are able to kill all three enemies. Yin attempts to muster all their strength to break through the wall but fails. Poo. In a last desperate gamble, Yin and Saito take the mystery immaterial potions and they get through the wall! They acquire the first age device and travel through tunnels to the surface on the mountain's side. THey lose each other in between where Yin exalts. They find each other later after Yin's anima dies down. The two then travel back to Pillars base 


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