Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

First session

The day of the festival

Yin woke up early and went about his daily chores. A young man came into Yin's black smith shop with a broken dagger. Yin spent much of the day repairing an heirloom dagger (not great but done), then went to the temple and made an average offering

Dew of the Web woke up early as well and helped her mother with chores. Around mid-day she went and played her pipa in the tavern. Afterwards, she went with her friends to the festival of the dragon mother, but while she was meeting her friends, she was accosted by her fiance for wanting to go with him.


Shen woke up and went about his usual daily training regimen enforced by the school of the Celestial Guardian style run by Sifu Wong. During lunch he stopped a pickpocket (epic conversation about a missing cat), then fought that same pickpocket. He then went back to school and after the rest of classes and chores he grabbed street clothes to patrol the streets during the festival. He found and fought 2 muggers  while on patrol (one had a dagger – maybe the one Yin repaired?). 

At the end of the festival of the yellow mother all heard the roar of a large animal from the mountain summit and saw a large number of clouds spew forth from the mountain top. 


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