Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

Solo Dew of the Web
Little spider, Big city

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Dew of the Web gave Shen a lift, flying south and following the river for about a week. In that time she and Shen recovered, and got to know each other a little better. Along the way, they had spotted the capitol, Ju-Xian. After dropping of Shen at Pillars Base, she headed back with the seed of a plan forming in her mind

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Solo Yin!
I kicked ass, guys

Yin fell down the mountain in the explosion that destroyed much of Fengbao Yunsi. They awoke the next morning and checked themself for injuries with medicine skill. Other than a few scratches they seemed to have survived unscathed surprisingly. Walking for the full day, Yin makes it to a small farming village at the base of Song Mountain where they find out that the Warlords Feng and Chao Ling fought with Feng dying and his forces being routed. Yin discovers they have actually crossed into territory claimed by the neighboring warlord Li. 

After leaving the village and traveling through the woods, Yin starts to suspect they are being followed. After walking into the river to throw off the scent of any trackers with dogs, Yin gets the sense that they are no longer being followed. This notion is dispelled a few minutes later when they are surrounded by two rangers and their loyal hunting dogs. The dogs charge as arrows rain down around Yin. Yin lashes out and knocks the shit out of a dog. Yin is also able to deflect an arrow while stuck to the tree. The other dogs rush forward and in that time, Yin is able to pull themselves free and dive headlong into the river. Arrows and dogs splash around Yin as they fall over the rapids to a pool below.

Yin sits at the bottom of the pool holding their breath with impressive fortitude – a skill learned while trying to breath behind the forge. After a few minutes, Yin looks up as the body of an archer and dog splash into the top of the pool and drift along with the current. Yin can see that they were both covered in large cuts. After surfacing, Yin finds a two men trying to start a fire nearby with the other dogs and huntsmen no where to be found. Another man is also nearby wearing an impressive set of clothes. Yin introduces themselves and meets Saito Takahashi (a noble of the neighboring country of Vaneha) and his servants Endo and Sausuke.

Yin takes some time to repair their weapons and armor as thanks for saving their life. Saito remarks at how well Yin was able to do in the repair and invites Yin to travel with him and his companions home to Vaneha. After a week of traveling they arrive in Ju Xian where Yin acquires a small book on alchemy. After a long journey (almost two months on the rivers) they finally arrive in the Capital of Vaneha better known as Jibei. Saito brings Yin to the Takahashi estate and confers the status as his own personal retainer on Yin.

Yin spends the next 6 months living in Jibei, learning the sword crafting techniques of the Vanehans, learning alchemy, and teaching the smiths of the Takahashi clan the techniques Yin learned in the Kingdom of the Crystal Chrysanthemum. At the end of the 6 months, Saito reveals that he must journey back to the Kingdom of the Crystal Chrysanthemum on urgent business and tells Yin he would be willing to take them along on the way back.

Once on the river, Saito clarifies that he is actually traveling to a first age ruin on the great mountain south east of the kingdom known as King's Throne. He also informs Yin that both the realm and the confederacy of rivers are interested in finding an artifact supposedly in the ruins. He suspects they're going after a mystical device that allows an individual to communicate easily with over long distances with large groups of specific people. He requests Yin's aid in acquiring the item to which Yin agrees.

They spend five weeks on the rivers traveling back to the city of Pillars Base. Here it is revealed that Chao Ling has taken a lot of territory and that the Ying River valley is suffering through a drought. Talking to locals in Pillars base Yin is informed that the warlords Li, Xie, Chao Ling took over what used to be Feng's territory. Yin also learned that a peasant resistance against Xie sprung up and that the warlords Li and Xie fought while they were gone. More revelations include the fact that Chao Ling's army  expanded west to the Red Clay river fighting the Sakada clan of Vaneha along the way and that a slave revolt began in the west led by a slave named Khezia. Supposedly she took territory from the Warlords Yang and Chao Ling as well as the Sakada clan of Vaneha. Rumors are abound that she glows with the light of the sun.

Travel from Pillar Base to Heaven's Gate (temple to the mountain guardian). Here Yin and Saito make a sacrifice to the god known as the mountain guardian. They stay the night and the next morning it is discovered that Saito's other servant Endo was killed during the night. They have him buried and after no clues can be found, resolve to continue on their quest to King's Throne. They spend the whole day traveling and the next night they break and set up camp. The next morning Sasuke's body is found in his tent. Again no clues are found and the group continues on.

They continue on their way and after breaking the next night, Yin and Saito sleep in separate tents. Yin is woken after hearing some of the cookware clanking against itself. They sneak to the opening of their tent to see a figure stalking towards the opening of Saito's tent. Yin quickly attacks the mysterious figure and hits them successfully. Yin's second attack fails but Saito is awoken. Saito and Yin fight the murderer of their friends and are able to subdue the assassin. After Yin and Saito threaten torture, the assassin reveals that house Cynus of the Realm is trying to obtain the device from King's Throne and has killed their companions. It is also revealed that House Cynus stole a keystone to open the chamber where the device is from Endo. They then dispose of the assassin.

As they travel towards King's Throne Yin was able to make the following potions:

 - Hardening (natural soak 2 bash +1 lethal)
 - Energy (glow for 5 seconds (maybe))
 - Strength (
2D for feat of strength roll) – used
 - Immaterial (no freaking clue) (it's a mystery) – used
 - Hardening (does a thing – no idea how it works)
 - Energy (equivalent of 1 extra willpower for 1 scene) – used
 - Strength (delicious delicious mercury)
 - Immaterial (does something more than nothing) – used
 - Hardening (does a thing – uncertain)

When they arrive at an outcropping tower of the first age ruin they find corpses in the tower antechamber. It seems a great number of traps were set off. They then travel through another antechamber to find more corpses along the way. At the end of the corridor there is a staircase up and a staircase down. Saito and Yin decide to travel together down. At the bottom they find three agents of House Cynus trying to break through a wall with large hammers. A fight ensues and Saito and Yin are able to kill all three enemies. Yin attempts to muster all their strength to break through the wall but fails. Poo. In a last desperate gamble, Yin and Saito take the mystery immaterial potions and they get through the wall! They acquire the first age device and travel through tunnels to the surface on the mountain's side. THey lose each other in between where Yin exalts. They find each other later after Yin's anima dies down. The two then travel back to Pillars base 

Second Session - Part 2
Morning at the temple through the siege


Yin awoke first and made their way down to the great hall were they had breakfast and was talked at by monks. Yin displayed their displeasure with the unwanted attention of the monks. Dew woke up with a start. Walked into the great hall to ask about the other villagers . The monks responded by saying that some arrived overnight. Dew then joined Yin for breakfast and found Mutah the innkeeper.

Shen wanders into the great room and finds students who survived. He also tries to find abbot and is asked about Sifu Wong by another student. After answering the student and finding the abbot, he shows off medallion received in SaFu village to the abbot. The abbot writes a letter of introduction in case the abbey itself falls and the abbot is unable to teach Shen anything about the Brotherhood of the Golden Lion. Shen tells the abbot about the riders and the events down at SaFu village. Shen is then asked to lead scouting mission down to SaFu to see what the enemy force is planning to do and if any are coming towards Fengbao Yunsi. 

Yin spends more time talking to monks and soldiers. Dew feed her spiders and plays some music. Yin also takes some time to practice crafting. Shen searches for resources and other party members and grabs 2 monks from the temple as well as Shen and Dew. Shen makes introductions between Yin, Dew, and the other monks.

The party treks down the mountain to a neighboring village and they spend three hours travelling down the mountain to the next village. They encounter Feng military scouts and guards along the way. The group is stopped by the local guard who ask what the group is doing. Dew lies to get the group past without any incident. The party then is reunited with refugees from the village. Kuri, her husband, and child are all alive. Kuri then tells Dew that Chul is alive and has joined up with general Feng's forces. Kuri then tells Dew that her mother has gone onto Ironwatch.

While traversing down the mountain, Yin loses their footing and falls down the mountain face only to be caught by Dew on her cloud. Dew uses her cloud to scout the remains of the village. The scouting group is able to surmise that there are 3 groups in village. A rider with a large force is readying to head up the mountain pass towards Ironwatch. They are able to recognize that most fighters have the insignia of Chow-Ling's forces. The force also includes a number of mercenary bands. The group is unable to recognize where the other riders might be from. The other group of riders seem to be gathering a force of a few thousand men to march up the other mountain path towards Fengbao Yunsi.

Dew takes Yin on her cloud back to the abbey and Shen follows on foot with the monks but only after making a second effort at recon. Shen waits behind for a few minutes to see that the enemy has also brought siege weapons for both forces. After they return to the abbey, Yin takes the opportunity to use their crafting skills to prep the monks and small garrison to resist the enemy forces. Dew talks to the abbot who advises they should consider leaving since they only barely survived the fight from the night before. Shen returns to the abbey and adds to the reports on the enemy forces arraying further down the mountain.

Yin and Dew investigate starting a rockslide and after working to create 3 explosive charges feel that they are successful in building the 3 charges. Shen takes time to drill with the soldiers and monks. Yin sets up explosives. Dew is approached by the abbot with a large trunk and asks Dew to hand these to Shen if Shen survives. If not then the abbot asks if Dew would take the artifacts herself to the abbey at Heaven's gate. The abbot fears the artifacts falling into the hands of the enemy.

Three large enemy units charge the temple in the morning. The monks and army hold off two units, but the explosives turn out to be duds and the main strategy of warding off a direct attack fails. Shen tries to fight off the enemy but is fought back to the abbey. The abbot joins the fight and tells Shen & other survivors to escape and report what happened at the abbey to other members of the Brotherhood.  After climbing to the summit of the mountain, the enemy uses explosives to destroy much of the abbey and Yin is wounded in the ensuing fight. Yin is knocked down a portion of the mountain by the resulting explosions and into unconsciousness.

Dew is able to save a few defenders of the abbey as well as the chest of artifacts. She also watches in horror as the abbey is destroyed. Many brave defenders defenders die but at the cost of heavy enemy losses. As Dew departs she watches from afar as the lead riders remove a ceremonial boulder, which reveals the terrestrial sanctuary of the Yellow Dragon Mother. The four riders reveal themselves to be the same Dragon bloods that killed Sifu Wong. As Dew flies away from the mountains summit she hears an earth shaking crash. Dew and Shen flee to safety as Yin lies in a small rocky outcrop on the mountain in an unconscious state. It is later revealed to Shen and Dew on the road that the warlord Feng met the warlord Chow-Ling in battle and was killed in the resulting altercation.

Second Session - Part 1
The day after the festival through the sacking of the village

Dew woke up after the festival and went about her usual chores.  Jinbo arrived in the morning with flowers and apologized. He also asked if they might find a way to make their arranged marriage work. Dew apologized because she still wants to leave the village and doesn't think she'll be ever able to settle in the village or be a good wife to him. Jinbo asks if she might at least be willing to try.

Yin spent their morning after the festival going about their usual work at their blacksmith shop when a young woman in expensive robes entered their shop. The woman spoke about knowing Yin's mentor and how Yin had disgraced the mentor by exposing the fact he was selling substandard equipment to the local garrison. The woman then offered to pay Yin to do the same praising them for knowing to get rid of the competition. Yin both denied the request and demanded the woman leave their shop.

Shen went about his usual training regimen that morning when Sifu Wong inspected his technique. Sifu then took Shen to the school shrine to the yellow mother. Sifu then revealed that he saw the fight with the muggers. He then offers to induct Shen into the Brotherhood of Golden Lion. Sifu tells Shen that the next morning Shen will be sent to train at Fengbao Yunsi or the great temple to the Yellow Mother. He is given a medallion with a golden lion face and told to show the medal to the abbott in order to be inducted and trained. Shen then learned school is supposed to protect the shrine of Yellow Mother.


Dew and a number of other villages looked down the mountain to see smoke from the village below. They then see horses and troops coming up the main main road from the village far below.

Dew jumps on her cloud and flies to check on the horsemen and learns an army is heading towards the village. She flies ahead to warn the village and hits tavern first. The attendants ready themselves to care for horsemen. Dew then heads off to headman's place and tells elders about sacking of the village down the mountain. She is then sent to school and ran into Shen there. Afterwards, she goes to find her parents.

Yin quickly receives an order from the village to make as many blades as they can. Between weapons they had in store and a number of templates sitting around they were able to make 20 more blades in 6 hours. They sold 50 total to the village. Yin then goes about inspecting the village and helps to prepare the village for oncoming onslaught.

Dew finds her mom at home who sent her to find her dad at  the mine. Dew's Mom makes bandages, spreads the alarm at the mine. and the village prepares for the incoming invasion. The miners return to town as Dew acts as the town crier.

Shen meets with Sifu Wong who entrusts the leading of the students to Shen as well as the school's efforts to prepare the village defenses. Shen and his fellow students notice enemy troops trying to flank the village by climbing up the wooded mountain side as quiet as possible. Shen alerts the villagers and militia.

Up until this moment most preparations are rather chaotic and done by small groups and the elders bring the village together to plan a unified strategy. The elders waste time playing political games. Wong walks into the meeting and shuts the elders down and takes control over the meeting. Yin is assigned to adjust/modify the village perimeter. Shen leads students to the choke point at the main road to resist army.

Dew tries to talk to Wong and offers to be runner. Wong sends her out to scout a 5 mile perimeter. Dews scouting efforts yields the revelation of a shit ton of enemies. Dew returns back to command center and tells Wong about the impending force. Dew also pushes for a potential evacuation. Yin makes some beefy fortifications with compartments for stones and boiling oil

Villagers divide with those who wish to stay readying and preparing perimeter while the rest evacuate. Chul , Jinbo, and Dew's father stay to fight. Kuri, her child, and Dew's mother evacuate east towards the main fortification known as Iron Watch held by the local warlord by the name of Lord Feng. Shen and the villagers spend a few hours moving shit tons of boulders and are real exhausted after. Shen then tries to organize the students into effective fighting formations, but fails. Dew spends time panicking and prays to her goddess for survival and luck.

As the enemy comes closer Yin arms themselves with a sledgehammer and prepares to fight. 

D – gets +1 dodge defence for scene
S & D – see forms close to village; make perimeter with peasant army
S – can't see shit; distracted by shiny medal


S & Y – hear archer orders

D – playing music, hears nothing

S – announces archer order & gets to cover

Y – hammer time to get into cover

EA fires arrows

Arrows fired around students – all fine; some villagers get hit and leave guard posts unmanned; second wave of arrows fired; BATTLE JOINED

S – tries to take control of the battle – wild conscript army appears!; uses withering attack and knocks some dudes out

D – in village center; boiling oil! 40 dude hit!; cold blooded smile

WE – two groups try to flank and enter village

Y – attempts to join S; pushed back and in recovery (sledge)

Students – 3 damage on conscripts – no rout

Villagers – attempt to bolster St; pushed back

Conscripts 1 – did a thing

S – knocks some heads, no damage

D – more oil; 30 down

St – boulders? boulders!

Conscripts 2 – failed in attack

St – knocked 30 more down

Cons1 – rout failed & flee

V – more boulders! some dudes probably died

D – scouting village & surrounding area; warns villagers about dudes climbing to village

Cons2 – broadside villagers

Cons3 – attack villagers; no rout

Y – epic hammer swing of no damage! pushed some dudes back, though

V – took down front line of C2! woo! down to ~600 dudes

S – routs group on opposite side of field; preens and shows off medal

D – lit dudes on fire! fucking badass! (is now by Y)

St – beat the shit out of dudes by Y, no rout, down to ~100

Y – hammer time! caved in 2 dudes heads

V – crush dudes! ~20-30 dudes left


S – moves to Y; routs group by Y

St – move to front and arm up

All – see 3 battle ready groups (~600)

D – attempts to light patch of oil by front

Fortifications @ front down

S – makes students pour oil; has D light it up

D – has cloud attempt to make cyclone to fan flames; ~20 dudes light up; shield wall holds

Villageres and Students retreat to main square; move back to prevent flanking

D – Jinbo alive; father is missing; break down!; comforted by Jinbo

Wong wants oil & flame around us

D – baker & bartender setting oil/booze traps

2 divisions get past fortifications, 3 flee

D – cloud drops embers; dudes on fire; no rout

S – hit some conscript dudes

D – scout path to temple – clear

St – turn to engage conscripts; knocked out front line

Cons – no rout; ~100 left

TG1 – attack St, fail

TG2 – attack St; hit; a bunch die

C1 - attack St; fail

Y – attack C; miss

S – parkour to defend St; 1 hit

D – blew up 4 houses; knock 'em (C1) down 2 magnitudes; ~5-6 left; retreat, bitches! speared on next wave

St – attack C; killed a bunch BUT NOT ALL

V – attack C; ROUTED!

TG2 – attack St; miss

Y – swing and a miss

S – killed 3 dudes

D – more flame stuff; ~10-15 down

V – flank TG2; hit!

St – attack; tiny amounts of damage

TG2 – attack V; hit; front line crushed; V rout

Y – move to entrance of road to temple

S – decisive attack! down from ~700 to ~100; preens over that fucking medal. again.

D – set up/coordinating lighting traps; another wave coming

St – decisive attack; success! ~ 48 TG left

TG2 – attack St; ~50-60 st left; no rout

TG3 – pincher/flank attack on St; St down to ~12; retreat

St tried to punch TG in spears; failboat

Y – hold position

The situation looks dire. After hours of fighting and a slow and steady advance of the enemy, it becomes fairly obvious that the enemy is going to roll through the village. Sifu Wong tells the villagers to run. Wong launches into the enemy troops attacking with broadswords. Sifu Wong is able to crush hundreds of mortal enemies before 4 riders move to the front and surround him.

One of the riders challenges Sifu Wong to a duel. The two have a epic fight and the rider reveals he is an air aspected dragon blood. Sifu Wong nearly kills the air aspected dragonblood, but the killing blow is stopped by another riders intervening weapon. Wong and the second rider fight. Wong begins to lose steam and shows his impending exhaustion. The second rider then knocks aside Wong's swords and then impales Wong. The second rider looks up to Yin, Dew, and Shen with spear in hand and gives them a cold stare.

The students recognizing the impending danger about to befall them and light caches of oils and explosive powders around the village killing hundreds of enemy soldiers. The group flees up a small path up the mountain towards Fengbao Yunsi. They find the guards at the temple around 2am and inform them of the fall of SaFu village. 

Dew finds out no survivors have made it to temple since the volunteer force fled the village. Dew delivers news of Wong's fall & the destruction of the village

First session
The day of the festival

Yin woke up early and went about his daily chores. A young man came into Yin's black smith shop with a broken dagger. Yin spent much of the day repairing an heirloom dagger (not great but done), then went to the temple and made an average offering

Dew of the Web woke up early as well and helped her mother with chores. Around mid-day she went and played her pipa in the tavern. Afterwards, she went with her friends to the festival of the dragon mother, but while she was meeting her friends, she was accosted by her fiance for wanting to go with him.


Shen woke up and went about his usual daily training regimen enforced by the school of the Celestial Guardian style run by Sifu Wong. During lunch he stopped a pickpocket (epic conversation about a missing cat), then fought that same pickpocket. He then went back to school and after the rest of classes and chores he grabbed street clothes to patrol the streets during the festival. He found and fought 2 muggers  while on patrol (one had a dagger – maybe the one Yin repaired?). 

At the end of the festival of the yellow mother all heard the roar of a large animal from the mountain summit and saw a large number of clouds spew forth from the mountain top. 


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