Dew of the Web

Musical Attendant to the Gods


Beautiful, Charming, Musically inclined. Petite but with an inner strength. Deep black hair, she normally wears a pallet of yellows, golds, and blues.


Dew of the Web was raised in the medium sized village of Reiko. The primary faith there was worshiping the village goddess, who often took the form of a half spider woman.

Ana~Xi of the weaving hearth, Ana~Xi the String Plucker, centuries ago taught the villagers how to harvest the silk from spiders and make cloth from it. Silk soft as a cloud and stronger than steel, they were wealthy from trade but guarded the secrets of how to harvest

The secret lay in the priestess’ who attend the goddess. They were given a Pipa that, when played, would summon spiders and grant the player minor control over them. so, too, would the playing of the Pipa allow for thread to pass through solid objects, thereby allowing the spiders to create thread in the safety of the second floor tables and have it fall through to the first floor, where the weavers could bobbin them and string them into the looms

Dew was being trained on this, and was well on the path to eventually be head priests-in two decades or so. She was praised constantly for her dedication and devotion, and her ability to cast rituals was not a small part of this. As such, she had begun her training with Song~Weaver, the Pipa used to control the spiders

She suspects this is why the village was attacked. They were caught by surprise, fire everywhere, screaming. As her parents tried to gather emergency rations before fleeing, she raced to the temple. There her teacher gave Dew Song Weaver and the scarf worn by the head Priestess.

As they fled, Dew and her parents grabbed three of the spiders used to make their silk.

Weeks passed, and the three managed to find the SaFu village under General Fengs protection. Here, her father took up being a miner. Dew slowly became a member of the new life, recovering from the shock and trying to make sense of who she is. Without a goddess to worship, she kept to the rituals as a place of foundation and hope.

Everything changed when General Chau Ling attacked

Dew of the Web

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