Shen Teng Fei


The Teng Fei line has a long, well known history for being a prominent body guard family to several high standing regionally political and powerful families. All the family’s ancestors have been proficient in martial arts. The first born is always tasked to eventually take the highest standing honor as head of the household, and continue the family tradition of being the body guard to the head of the Hongqi family. Should the head of the family ever be unfit to continue their duties to the Hongqi family, through injury, pregnancy, old age, or death, the position is filled by either their next sibling or their first born child. Should the child be too young, the sibling takes responsibility until the child is of age.This stands true whether the reason is temporary or permanent.

Shen was the first born of his father, the current head of the Teng Fei family. Shen was raised by his mother and his grandfather, the previous head of family who had to step down due to injury. His grandfather made sure to teach Shen the family doctrine and the basics of the martial arts style that all Teng Fei are taught. By age 3, Shen’s younger brother, Jian, was born. Of course, their grandfather made sure to teach Jian the same as Shen; and from an early age Jian seemed to catch up quickly. By age 8, Shen was old enough to be sent to the martial arts school to learn as his ancestors had.

Although Shen had been confident in his standing as the future head of the family, he was not prepared for his brother’s presence at the martial arts school. During Shen’s third year, at age 11, Jian came to the martial arts school – and had progressed significantly under his grandfather’s training at home. Although 3 years younger, Jian was only mildly behind Shen in martial arts, only lacking a more focused and rigid training environment than he received at home. It was merely a few months before Jian had surpassed Shen. When Jian turned 10, and Shen 13, Jian began to show traits of the air aspect, deeming him blessed by the dragon. Their father made a decision he declared best for the Teng Fei line – Jian was named the future head of the family, skipping Shen’s first born right.

There was turmoil in the Teng Fei family for a few years after this decision. Shen and Janis aunts and uncles had mixed thoughts on the decision, some supporting the benefit of the Teng Fei family, others deeming it harmful to break the family tradition and deny the right of the first born child. At the school, there was strife between Shen and Jian. After the decision, Jian became even more focused in his education and the family doctrine. Feeling cast aside, Shen worked twice as hard to try and surpass his younger brother, but soon realized the effort was futile. He resented his father for the decision, and began to act out in the school. Shen would skip classes, and became frustrated with his confinement to the school grounds as a younger student. Eventually, Shen began to find ways to sneak out of the school, despite the restriction that only students over 16, who were deemed worthy, were permitted into the village alone – and never after curfew.

At first, Shen was just looking for ways to vent his frustration, becoming a night time trouble maker in the village. During his fourth or fifth expedition to the village after curfew, Shen stumbled across a middle aged patron from the nearby tavern being mugged on his way home. He wasted no time in taking advantage of this situation to release his pent up emotions on the mugger, in the process saving the villager. For a while, Shen would slip out past curfew and search for criminals in the village in order to work out his frustration on someone he deemed worthy of being attacked. When Shen was 14, he ‘saved’ an older gentleman who was having a heated argument with his intoxicated son. He did what he had been doing best so far in his night time excursions, and used his skills to pummel the son. After sufficiently breaking the son’s nose, leg, ankle, and rendering him unconscious, Shen was greeted with the the older fathers cane smacking him upside the head accompanied by very ungrateful words. Agitated by this response, Shen began his own heated, verbal, argument with the older man. Eventually, the details of the argument between father and son were explained to Shen, after a harsh lecture by the father. The older man refused to let Shen leave and, having recognized the martial arts style, threatened to report Shen to the school if he did not compensate the family for the injuries to their son, the only physically capable member of the family.

For the next few months, Shen would come to the family’s property whenever he was able, and assist with all the chores the son was tasked with. He would repair damages in the house, and assist with moving large crates from the merchant family’s storage house to their shop front. Once the son was healed, Shen was responsible for helping the son regain his strength. During his months in debt to this family, Shen began to really learn of what life was like outside of Teng Fei manor, and outside walls of the school, learning of the challenges and difficulties that common folk were faced with.

By 15 years of age, Shen had turned himself around. When he escaped the school at night, he sought to find ways to help and protect the villagers. In the school, Shen began to work diligently again, having found a new motivation and purpose in his life. He repaired his relationship with his brother, and began to respect the family tradition of protection once more; though he and his brother still had different opinions on Who the benefactors of the Teng Fei family protection should be.

Shen Teng Fei

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