Brotherhood of the Golden Lion

Second Session - Part 2

Morning at the temple through the siege


Yin awoke first and made their way down to the great hall were they had breakfast and was talked at by monks. Yin displayed their displeasure with the unwanted attention of the monks. Dew woke up with a start. Walked into the great hall to ask about the other villagers . The monks responded by saying that some arrived overnight. Dew then joined Yin for breakfast and found Mutah the innkeeper.

Shen wanders into the great room and finds students who survived. He also tries to find abbot and is asked about Sifu Wong by another student. After answering the student and finding the abbot, he shows off medallion received in SaFu village to the abbot. The abbot writes a letter of introduction in case the abbey itself falls and the abbot is unable to teach Shen anything about the Brotherhood of the Golden Lion. Shen tells the abbot about the riders and the events down at SaFu village. Shen is then asked to lead scouting mission down to SaFu to see what the enemy force is planning to do and if any are coming towards Fengbao Yunsi. 

Yin spends more time talking to monks and soldiers. Dew feed her spiders and plays some music. Yin also takes some time to practice crafting. Shen searches for resources and other party members and grabs 2 monks from the temple as well as Shen and Dew. Shen makes introductions between Yin, Dew, and the other monks.

The party treks down the mountain to a neighboring village and they spend three hours travelling down the mountain to the next village. They encounter Feng military scouts and guards along the way. The group is stopped by the local guard who ask what the group is doing. Dew lies to get the group past without any incident. The party then is reunited with refugees from the village. Kuri, her husband, and child are all alive. Kuri then tells Dew that Chul is alive and has joined up with general Feng's forces. Kuri then tells Dew that her mother has gone onto Ironwatch.

While traversing down the mountain, Yin loses their footing and falls down the mountain face only to be caught by Dew on her cloud. Dew uses her cloud to scout the remains of the village. The scouting group is able to surmise that there are 3 groups in village. A rider with a large force is readying to head up the mountain pass towards Ironwatch. They are able to recognize that most fighters have the insignia of Chow-Ling's forces. The force also includes a number of mercenary bands. The group is unable to recognize where the other riders might be from. The other group of riders seem to be gathering a force of a few thousand men to march up the other mountain path towards Fengbao Yunsi.

Dew takes Yin on her cloud back to the abbey and Shen follows on foot with the monks but only after making a second effort at recon. Shen waits behind for a few minutes to see that the enemy has also brought siege weapons for both forces. After they return to the abbey, Yin takes the opportunity to use their crafting skills to prep the monks and small garrison to resist the enemy forces. Dew talks to the abbot who advises they should consider leaving since they only barely survived the fight from the night before. Shen returns to the abbey and adds to the reports on the enemy forces arraying further down the mountain.

Yin and Dew investigate starting a rockslide and after working to create 3 explosive charges feel that they are successful in building the 3 charges. Shen takes time to drill with the soldiers and monks. Yin sets up explosives. Dew is approached by the abbot with a large trunk and asks Dew to hand these to Shen if Shen survives. If not then the abbot asks if Dew would take the artifacts herself to the abbey at Heaven's gate. The abbot fears the artifacts falling into the hands of the enemy.

Three large enemy units charge the temple in the morning. The monks and army hold off two units, but the explosives turn out to be duds and the main strategy of warding off a direct attack fails. Shen tries to fight off the enemy but is fought back to the abbey. The abbot joins the fight and tells Shen & other survivors to escape and report what happened at the abbey to other members of the Brotherhood.  After climbing to the summit of the mountain, the enemy uses explosives to destroy much of the abbey and Yin is wounded in the ensuing fight. Yin is knocked down a portion of the mountain by the resulting explosions and into unconsciousness.

Dew is able to save a few defenders of the abbey as well as the chest of artifacts. She also watches in horror as the abbey is destroyed. Many brave defenders defenders die but at the cost of heavy enemy losses. As Dew departs she watches from afar as the lead riders remove a ceremonial boulder, which reveals the terrestrial sanctuary of the Yellow Dragon Mother. The four riders reveal themselves to be the same Dragon bloods that killed Sifu Wong. As Dew flies away from the mountains summit she hears an earth shaking crash. Dew and Shen flee to safety as Yin lies in a small rocky outcrop on the mountain in an unconscious state. It is later revealed to Shen and Dew on the road that the warlord Feng met the warlord Chow-Ling in battle and was killed in the resulting altercation.


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